Here you will find nature inspired art, landscape pictures, wilderness photography. Prints for intimate settings, healthcare, medical facilities, hospitals, boardrooms, offices, and your home.

I photograph nature to keep peace and strength present in my life. Through solitude in the outdoors I believe we all can find benefits that will enrich each day. The images I create and present here are my understanding and view of the natural world. Those who experience and strive to understand the earth shall find reserves of spirit lasting a lifetime.

Helping others to see and experience the beauty of nature through photography and writings.

Specializing in the Prairies and Flint Hills of Kansas and regional scenic photography.


There is a challenge as a photographer to portray the beauty of a land while also attempting to provide protection. This protection is threatened each day. With population growth it is important to educate others of these wild places of magic and beauty. Important as this may be it is equally important to provide protection from the same growth.

"My greatest challenge is to bring awareness to these lands we call home. May future generations know there were some who tried to cast light on the importance of nature, wilderness, diversity, open space, spirit, solitude and other treasures of the natural world still available to us today". More about Brad...


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