We all need a way to connect with the outside world, the spirit of the land if you will. The one that is separate from the busy lives that force us to get up in the morning, go to a job that may be less than fulfilling so when we have a small amount of free time we can do something that makes us feel truly alive. Nature has a magical way of filling our senses with life, peace, and abundance of the great outdoors.

Here you will find nature photos, landscape pictures, wilderness photography. Prints for intimate settings to large boardrooms, healthcare settings, offices, and your home.

Nature art prints, folios, art cards. Stock images for magazines, calendars, advertising, brochures, education, and websites.

Specializing in the Prairies and Flint Hills of Kansas and regional scenic photography.

There is a challenge as a photographer to portray the beauty of a land while also attempting to provide protection. This protection is threatened each day. With population growth it is important to educate others of these wild places of magic and beauty. Important as this may be it is equally important to provide protection from the same growth.

"My greatest challenge is to bring awareness to these lands we call home. May future generations know there were some who tried to cast light on the importance of nature, wilderness, diversity, open space, spirit, solitude and other treasures of the natural world still available to us today". More...