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Through solitude in the outdoors I believe we all can find benefits that will enrich each day. The images I create and present here are personal interpretations of the world around me. Those who experience and strive to understand the earth shall find reserves of spirit lasting a lifetime.

Please take your time and browse the portfolio gallery's and vast array of images available. If you have any questions use the contact page to get in touch. I am always happy to help.

Specializing in the Prairies and Flint Hills of Kansas and scenic photography.

  • New Work Added March 29, 2017


I chose to not think of myself as a photographer. The title seems very limiting towards what I do and why I engage in the creative process. Titles, attention, even notoriety, are not things I aspire to. There seems to be enough artificial and misplaced meaning in the world. It is not my place to decide on such things. It is my place to create in a meaningful, personal, and deliberate manner. This is not about taking pretty pictures, but discovering them within, creating them anew, evaluating, celebrating, and sharing them regardless of what artificial titles society has placed on them.

There is a challenge as a photographic artists to portray the beauty of a land while also attempting to provide protection. This protection is threatened each day. As human population grows it is important to educate others of these wild places of magic and beauty. Important as this may be it is equally important to provide protection from the same growth.

Find those places that instill a sense of hope, peace, and well being. It is my hope you see more than a picture when viewing my work. It is not about a photograph, it is about life and the journey in reaching our place of solitude. More about Brad...

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